Click at the image to find out more about the event

Click at the image to find out more about the event


7 day long experiment, art plays together with reality, dance, installation art and music meets academics, storytellers and revolutionaries

A survey for a Movement- mapping degrowth worldwide

In early 2018 the Support Group of the international Degrowth conferences has launched an international survey in order to bring groups and individuals together for academic, political and practical actions on Degrowth that go beyond the biennial conferences. The idea is that groups and individuals can find each other and work together. More on the survey on . 

A first meeting of interested groups is a pre-conference event that will take place in Freetown Christiania – just over the bridge from the Degrowth Conference location Malmö.

The objectives of the meeting are:

  • To get to know each other and to build more effective networks and collaborations (both for activists and academics, practitioners, artist, etc.) among Degrowth realities in the world;

  • To organise/structure ourselves (even informally) as a movement in order to be more effective, democratic, inclusive and powerful (e.g. working groups)

  • To plan some collective actions.

If your organisation would like to participate, please fill the international survey mentioned above and the organisers of he event will get in touch with you.

Climate Festival, Friends of the Earth Sweden

 25-26 August,  Gothenburg

The Climate Festival is a free two-day camp where we learn more about climate issues, justice and how we can be the movement that shows politicans that another world is possible. For more information click here.