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Can policies bring change?

  • Pufendorfinstitutet, Lunds universitet 3 Biskopsgatan Lund, Skåne län, 223 62 Sweden (map)

There are many already existing alternatives that give an idea of how a just and sustainable world could look like – cooperatives, community organising, small-scale agriculture, bike kitchens, digital commons etc. However, they are still fairly marginal in a world dominated by the strive for profit, growth and long-distance trade.

Today’s policies – usually oriented towards growth and favouring large companies with powerful lobbies – are part of the problem. But can policies, if framed differently, become part of the solution instead?

At this event, we will address this very question by discussing degrowth policy proposals, how they are received in the current political realities and if/how progressive policies can be pushed into the policy-making bodies.

HUBERT BUCH-HANSEN (Copenhagen Business School)
MAX KOCH (Lund University; Institute for Degrowth Studies)
ANNIKA LILLEMETS (Vändpunkt party)
EKATERINA CHERTKOVSKAYA (Lund University; Institute for Degrowth Studies)
MARINA FYODOROVA (Lund University; Institute for Degrowth Studies)